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David Ghesser

Pianist, Songwriter & Compser

David Ghesser
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David Ghesser is a 2021 Graduate of UCLA’s Herb Alpert School of Music where he majored in Music Composition.

In 2019, with Brian Wilson, along with close to 500 people in attendance in Schoenberg Hall, David was introduced by Professor David Leaf as the inaugural recipient of the Brian Wilson Scholarship Award for composing, arranging and producing popular music. Brian Wilson had David’s “Dear Mr. California,” a song written in honor of him uploaded to his social media platforms where it was heard by Brian’s fans along with a 2nd song, "I Could Have Missed You."

In 2020, UCLA‘s Herb Alpert School of Music chose David’s “Just Be Happy” to close its virtual graduation celebration.

As part of David's graduation from The Herb Alpert School in 2021 he composed a series of piano pieces which he called "14 Piano Bagatelles." These pieces showcase his skills at writing contemporary classical music. This YouTube recording, performed by concert pianist, Yevgeniy Milyavskiy, can be found at this link -

Since David has officially graduated from UCLA in 2021, he’s been busy composing melodies and working with many of the Homegrown singer/songwriters to create beautiful songs.

David’s BIG musical goal is to one day perform at the Hollywood Bowl and other large venues with vocalists who share his musical vision – To help heal the soul and help make this world a happier and better place.

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