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Develop your craft The mission of the homegrown teachers is to guide students to following that path of alignment through the means of music making, breath work, meditation, yoga, voice work, chakra alignment and knowing, inner knowledge, and spirituality. Homegrown teachers are qualified and dedicated to the work of supporting community on their growth spiritually and musically. 



Homegrown students are those who want to study with Homegrown musicians and see the opportunity to do so by signing up for lessons, they feel called to train with Homegrown musicians and come to the studio and be with Homegrown for student recitals, concerts, music lessons, events. They desire a deep connection with the homegrown community spiritually, emotionally, and physically, they know that taking lessons from one of the homegrown teachers will enable them to feel connected to what is being created at homegrown and closer on their true spiritual path of aligning with the soul.

Teaching Offerings

- Private instruction in vocal performance (pop, jazz, classical & more)

- Private instruction in guitar, piano, and an outstanding variety of different instruments

- Songwriting, Music Production & Recording


Learn & Get Inspired with Homegrown Recording

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