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Kelly Vargas

Kelly Vargas
Nights in Brooklyn
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Los Angeles-based and New York-raised artist Kelly Vargas is a genre-defying singer-songwriter and producer. Coming from a Costa Rican-American background, Kelly currently creates a unique blend of genres such as Alternative R&B, Pop & Latin while also writing songs both in English and Spanish. She creates music with themes of self empowerment glossed with dark, blunt and honest lyrics, while also embracing female sensuality & sexuality. At the age of 12, Kelly was singing and playing guitar to her favorite music while growing up in Long Island, New York. She grew up listening to classics of the 70’s and 80’s music era from her parents, but mainly it was the 90’s R&B, Pop, Alt Rock & Hip-Hop era that elevated her songwriting & love for music. 
 Since she was a child, Kelly was classically and jazz trained on vocals, while also being involved in musical theatre throughout grade school. Since her journey post music school, Kelly has performed in multiple parts of New York City, Long Island, Boston, Los Angeles & Valencia, Spain. Later she decided in 2020 during the pandemic to move to Los Angeles, California to further pursue her career as a recording artist, producer & songwriter for herself & other artists in the industry as well.

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