Workshops at Homegrown

Our workshops service as creative inspiration, often in communal settings. Livestream and in person options are often available for our workshops. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our email list below for additional details.

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Sunday Soul

Guest Artists take the lead as we navigate producing and recording an original song. This provides an opportunity for artists to develop leadership skills and watch their song come to life through the Homegrown community.

Monday Mixdown

Join Danny on select Mondays as he works on a variety of different projects. Watch productions get created from scratch, or experience workflow on existing tracks. This is a great opportunity for viewers to ask questions and gain insight into our processes of creating music.

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Sunday Sauce

The ultimate challenge! Each Sunday Sauce a group of musicians looks to write, record and produce a full length song in a short session. These workshops are a powerful lesson in creating original music under tight time constraints. Sunday Sauce serves as inspiration for what can be achieved at Homegrown in a single session.